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A little more about us and dBMix Studios

On the designing of our studio we took maximum care on the acoustic, having in mind technical aspects like diffusion, early reflections, resonances, absorption and soundproofing, obtaining as a result an excellent reproduction room for the correct evaluation, and subsequent Edition, Mix, or Mastering of the audio from your musical project.

At our Studio we aim to get the maximum possible quality of sound, with ethics and professionalism, understanding that a recording (or audio in general) production obtains the best results through the teamwork. This is the way that we face the projects that arrive at our Studio, allowing every stage of your project (editing, mixing, mastering) to be attended by a different professional person, in this way each one has a role within the same production, keeping fresh ears, and avoiding the flaws that appear due to saturation and loss of objectivity when only one person is assuming all the stages in the making of a recording or audiovisual project.

Our equipment, both analog and digital, are the highest quality, but we start from the premise that the most important matter that we will contribute to your project is our training, professionalism, experience, human quality, maximum interest, and respect for your music, which is the fundamental column of our work philosophy.

Our Advantages


Free Mastering Demo
Send us a song and we give you back a sample (free of charge) of your audio mastered so we can show you what we can do for your music.


online mastering
Thanks to the use of the Internet our On Line Mastering service will allow you to obtain your track professionally mastered, with no frustrations or loss of time.


excellent location
If you prefer to be present during mixing or mastering of your project, we are located in a central area of the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. Near; restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and even accommodation for those coming from far away of dBMix Studios.