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Podcast Editing

The Podcast or Podcasting has been one of the main digital tools of the XXI century for On-Line distribution, where infinity of users and professionals from different sectors converge at world level.

It has been the way that enterprises, corporations, communication media, independent journalists, musicians, engineers, teachers, etc., inform and establish proximity with their customers and users with international reach due to the technological facilities that present modernity brings.

Podcasting can be made with fairly accessible resources, a microphone and a computer may be enough to start; however, the competitiveness in the international market obliges to fulfill specific professional requirements for your publication to influence and to have the desired reach.

At dBMix Studios we can help you with advice for the production of your Podcasts, suggesting equipment like interfaces, microphones and recording software, adding tips about where and how to use correctly the each and every tools in order to produce yourself your own episodes in a practical and professional way, therefore saving money and time.

If recording is not your thing, we can also suggest studios or spaces with the specialized equipment for you to realize your episodes.

After you realize your Production, at dBMix Studios we offer the Postproduction service specialized in Podcasts.

Our Professional Podcast Edition includes:

• Edition and suppression of noises and tags like Umm, Ahh, etc., background noises, strong breathing, long and awkward silences.

• Vocal Balance, Equalization, Compression, Sibilance Reduction, and Hiss/Hum.

• Mix of intros, outros, and accompanying music.

• Mastering to the standard level: -16 LUFS.

• Conversion to high quality MP3.

• Adding Metadata: ID3 Tags, Titles, Art or Logo, and SEO Tags.

• On-Line delivery to your Dropbox account for its respective publishing.

Contact us through our telephones or e-mails to coordinate pertinently everything related to your project.