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The Mix is one of the most exciting stages in the creation of a disc. It is a combination of technics and creativity. The mix is considered by us an artistic stage among the most passionate, and at dBMix Studios we are anxious to provide the technics, formation, and experience that your music needs before entering the Mastering stage. It is necessary to achieve a great Mix to create an excellent Master.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have participated in the Mix of artists in the genders of rock, pop-rock, jazz, metal, hip hop, and it is due to this that we can say that in experience we cover a wide range of musical styles. Furthermore, for more than 3 years we were dedicated to the recording and postproduction of classic music and overall acoustic music. Our work at The System (Simon Bolivar Musical Foundation) allowed us to acquire great experience working with great and small symphony orchestras, big bands, brass assembles, string quartets, soloist acoustic instruments, etc.

At the studio we rely on a very well achieved and equilibrated Acoustics, that in conjunction with highest quality specialized Monitors allow us to listen accurately to all the details of your music. We also have an excellent D/A Coversion, excellent Plug-ins, first class Analogic Processes, and a Pro Tools HD system with up to 256 channels of simultaneous playback that allow us to Mix from a single instrument or soloist singer, up to a Symphony Orchestra.

Read our Mixing FAQs to clarify doubts and obtaining more details. Communicate with us by e-mail or by a phone call and arrange a date to start the Preproduction of your project, and therefore having very clearly since the beginning the route to take on the Postproduction.



Send the tracks to mix as clean as possible; without background noise, hiss, breathing or popping.


Make sure that the track names have sense; name the voice leader, as “voice leader” and not “Jose” or “track 03”.


All of the effects most be suppressed from your mix, except if you are sure that you want them on your track. Once an effect is impressed in a mix, there is no way to get rid of it.


We prefer .WAV, .AIFF, OMF and Pro Tools files for the mix projects. Converting .mp3 files into .wav or .aiff will not improve the quality of the audio file.


Remember to read our FAQ section for more details about Mixing and Mastering.