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Mixing FAQs

How should I prepare my files before being delivered for mixing?

Make a note in relation to any track that is already processed, or where you specify if there are tracks that you do not want to be processed in any way.

Please do not deliver multiple takes of each channel, send us only the takes that you want us to utilize. Determining which ones are the best takes is considered production work.

Bring your tracks as clean as possible, without background noise, hiss, breathing, or popping. Eliminating these problems is considered Edition and it is not part of the Mixing service.

Make sure that the track names have sense; Name the leading voice, “leading voice”, and not “Jose” or “track 03”.

Which formats do you accept for mixing?

We prefer .WAV, .AIFF, OMF and Pro Tools files for mixing and mastering projects. In the case of .wav, .aiff, and OMF, all the tracks must have the same longitude, be consolidated, in order to be aligned in our system.

All files must be in the same format, synchronized, and have the same bit and sample rate.

All the effects must be eliminated from your mix before you deliver it to us, except if you are sure that you want them in your track. Once an effect is impressed in a mix, there is no way to get rid of it.

Do I have reviews and/or opportunities to make changes per mix?

You have a maximum of 3 reviews per song. Please take the time to listen and note everything that you want to review. Be clear and concise en relation to your reviews.

Can I send mi files/session en mp3 or any other compressed file?

We prefer that you do not send compressed files for mixing or mastering. We can work with this files if it is the only option and you do not have access to the original .wav or .aiff files.

Converting .mp3 files to .wav or .aiff will not improve the quality of the audio file. Once the file is converted to .mp3 or any other compressed format, it loses quality and it cannot be recovered any more.

Can I send a reference track of any artist or band that I like in my musical gendre?

Of course, The ideal is that you send us at least one reference song, specially if it is your first time working with us.

Can I mix only one song with you?

Yes, we do not have minimum or maximum o the number of songs that we accept for mixing or mastering.