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Mix Coaching

As part of our services we offer Mix Coaching, to attend the needs of projects or artists with limited budget and from an increasing generation of Home Studios that in most of the cases do not have the necessary acoustic conditions and/or equipment to verify correctly the sonorous quality of the mix.

We will pleasantly listen to your mix and we will let you know if your music is ready to be mastered, or we will give you suggestions to make your mix even better. We have over 13 years of experience and we are glad to have the opportunity to be able to help so that your project reaches all its potential. This service is independent and does not compromise you to carry out the Mastering at our Studio. However, if you decide to Master your project at dBMix Studios, Mix Coaching will be entirely free.

Once Mix Coaching is signed up, we will give you the information to upload your songs, after 24 working hours they will be listened and you will receive a report for each mix with suggestions to improve them if necessary, the process is repeated until we all are satisfied with the audio quality.

dBMix Studios will provide the personal attention, and dedication your project needs. You will be able to contact us about your project at any time.

Mixing Tips


Send clean files without background noise, hiss, coughing, breathing or popping.


Remove any limiter or effects from the Master Bus of your Mix before sending to Mix Coaching.


Rest your ears before mixing and constantly refer to commercial recordings played over your monitor system.


Send your mix to Mix Coaching in stereo .WAV or .AIFF format. Converting Mp3 files back to .wav or .aif files will not provide a better quality file.