Get Started

Do you want to listen to a mastered sample of your mix?

We will gladly send you a sample of one of your songs already mastered. The sample will have a length of approximately 30 seconds. Please read the requirements and instructions for the Mastering Demo:

1- Please avoid sending your project on .mp3, .wma, m4a, or any other compressed format of low resolution. It is important that the files are exported directly from your mix. The minimum required to obtain an excellent result is 16bit (preferably 24bits and 32bits), Sample Rate of at least 44.1 KHz, Stereo, and .wav or .aiff format.

2- Before sending your project to us, please make sure that no process for gaining volume has been applied on the Master Bus of your mix. We will take charge of the volume level for your song.

3- Your peaks must be kept in a media between -8 and -2 dB on the Master Bus. This will allow us to have more Headroom to work and we will be able to achieve the highest level of quality on the mastering of your project.

4- We recommend that, together with theTrack to be Mastered (in a compressed .zip or .dmg file), you send us a Song/Track of Reference from any recording, in which you like very much the sound on the style to work with.

Do not forget to read our complete Mastering FAQ to obtain further information about Mastering at dBMix Studios.

To request your Mastering Demo click on the "Send your Track to Mastering Demo Here" red button which appears at the bottom of this page.



Be sure the Master bus does not contain a limiter or any effects.


Converting Mp3 files back to .wav or .aif files will not provide a better quality file. Once the file is converted to a compressed format it loses quality that can never be regained.


Be sure your audio does not peak above -1dB.