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General FAQs

Can I obtain different formats apart from .mp3?

Yes, we can deliver to you .aiff, .m4u (iTunes), .wma, etc.

How long will you keep my project on file?

We will try to keep your project on file indefinitely, but we guarantee only for 2 weeks your files at the server to download.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At dBMix Studios we only accept bank deposits and transfers.

What is CD-Text?

CD-Text enables the information about the artist, track, date of release, etc., to be shown on the CD players. A RedBook CD has the ability to insert CD-Text in your Master.

The CD-Text and the ISRC code are not the same. CD-Text can only be added to a physical CD.

What are the ISRC codes?

The ISRC code (International Standard Recording Code) is an identification system for sound recordings and musical videos. Each ISRC is an unique and permanent identifier for each theme, and it operates as its fingerprint.

The ISRc codifier supplies the means to identify the recordings automatically, which makes easier the royalties payment.

Can I obtain my music in .mp3?

Yes, we offer .mp3 and any other format that you want.

What should I send you to carry out Pitch Correction (Tuning), Vocal Alignment, or Harmonies?

For tone correction, or tuning, you have to make sure that you remove any effect that is applied to the track.

The audio must be tuned before you apply any effect.