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Eduardo MartĂ­nez

Eduardo Martinez beginnings into the sound world were in the year of 2003, by creating his own Home Studio, and empirically recording different emerging groups in the state of Aragua. Already in 2004, he started his formal studies at the Superior School for Audio And Acoustics (Escuela Superior de Audio y AcĂşstica), when he finalized the career, he started the Multichannel Digital Recording specialized course dictated by professor Jesus Sanchez, at Audioplace Studios.

Afterwards, during more than 4 years he dedicated to the recording of academic music at “FESNOJIV”, actually known as “Funda Musical Bolivar”, where he took part of labors to restoring and digitalizing of the gigantic musical archives of "El Sistema", and he performed as Sound Engineer, and, together with his colleagues Angemyr Lezama and Danilo Alvarez, he was in charge of the Audio Department and recording and postproduction of the different orchestras, assemblies, quartets, soloists and groupings in general, belonging to “El Sistema”, mainly all in relationship with the A and B Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Teresa Carreño Juvenile Symphony Orchestra, Venezuelan Brass Assemble, Simon Bolivar String Quartet, etc.

At the same time he had the opportunity to work with great directors like Gustavo Dudamel, Claudio Abbado, Sir Simon Rattle, Eduardo Marturet, Thomas Clamor, Alfredo Rugeles, and many others.

At this stage of his career, he had the great opportunity to participate and assist to the recordings of the most important academic music record seal in the world, Deutshe Grammaphon, for Gustavo Dudamel and Simon Bolivar Orchestra’s Fiesta record; he also worked for the recognized Producer and Recording Engineer Martha de Francisco de Phillips, as well as the great experience of working together with the famous Sound Engineer John Pellow, who for his part has worked with artists like Luciano Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Pink Floyd, etc.

In 2007, he assisted to the 1st Conference of the Audio Engineering Society of Latin America in Buenos Aires – Argentina, where he took a Surround 7.1 Mix course, dictated by the creator of Parametric Equalization, George Massenburg, and Phillips Engineer Martha de Francisco, and he assisted to a Mastering Work, dictated by famous Bob Katz (Olga Tañon, Paquito de Rivera, and more).

In 2009 he participated on the 1st Competition of Latin American Recording by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) carried out in Brazil, along with his partner Angemyr Lezama with a recording (made and post-produced by both of them) of the B Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the maestro Gustavo Dudamel, interpreting Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony (4th movement extract), ending both as finalists, and subsequently “1st Place Winners” in the category of Classic Music – Stereo.

In 2010, he travelled to Paris- France, where he studied a Bachelor Degree in Recording Arts in intensive mode, for a little more than 2 years. In this period in France, he assisted to Works with engineers as important as Geoff Emerick (known as the Engineer that recorded the Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles, and Abbey Road records from The Beatles, producer to Pink Floyd, and many more), during the event “Les Rencontres des Creations Sonores”. He also assisted to a Work with the famous French recording engineer Fab Dupont (Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Nat King Cole, Marc Anthony, etc).

His passion and curiosity towards mastering kept growing and soon his objective and passion were clearer. After some years he studied, experimented, and realizaed courses, among which is included a specialization on Analogic and Digital Mastering, carried out en 2013 at the Tecson Academy in Buenos Aires – Argentina, conducted by the experienced Mastering Engineer and professor Toto Strapporava.

Soon he began, along with his father Eduardo Martinez (professional musician, trumpet player in the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra for 15 years) and his colleague and great friend Angemyr Lezama, to focus his efforts on the creation of a new postproduction studio (edition, mix, and master) that would have as main approach the “Audio Mastering”.

Finally, all the efforts begin to materialize on September 2014, with the opening of dBMix Studios, a studio specialized in Postproduction, focused on the Audio Mastering, where in a little more than 3 years they already have been able to work with talented and recognized artists like Eddy Marcano, Los Boys, GUACO, Gustavo Elis, Zapato 3, Los Pixel, Onechot, Juan Miguel, Conkarah, Gerry Weil, La Melodia Perfecta, Sixto Rein, Aran One, Porfi Baloa, Armando MartĂ­nez, Desorden PĂşblico, Caramelos de Cianuro, Nael y Justin, 123 Andres, Arcangel La Maravilla, Le Cinema, Corina Smith, Gustavo Dudamel junto a la Orquesta SinfĂłnica SimĂłn BolĂ­var, among others.