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Video Editing and Audiovisual Productions

This is one of the most important stages in the elaboration of a professional video. At this moment we verify, correct, and assemble the final work after the recording of the audiovisual material. Is at this moment that the editors from dBMix Studios, making use of the necessary tools, develop their art and creativity, managing to reflect the objectives marked on a well finished video and prepared for its diffusion or commercialization.

At dBMix Studios we have the creativity and ingenuity to achieve a professional product that adjusts to your needs of quality and budget. The audiovisual edition is a creative art, is due to this that we impregnate each project with our talent, and we enjoy our jobs enormously. We offer a digital edition and postproduction service for companies at all their stages of production, in different formats, and for different media (Internet, TV, Video-Projections, etc.). We assume a working compromise with your company that you will dispose of your projects at the agreed time.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring: Along with the video postproduction, we offer the DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring, with which we design the menu, titles, and, if needed, subtitles, and following that we codify these elements in the adequate video format. With the original video master we will be able to make multiple copies in different formats with an excellent quality (DVD, Internet videos, video-projections, etc).

Contact us through our telephones or e-mails to coordinate pertinently everything related to your project.